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Library Card Requests


Information for ACM Students Taking Distance learning and Off Campus Courses.

Dear Student,

If you are attending any early college courses, off campus courses or distance learning courses, the library staff would like to encourage you to obtain an ACM library card.  With the library card, you will have access off campus to the library databases.  These are outstanding research tools for finding a wealth of reliable and current information on unlimited topics.

Library cards are valid for several years so, if you already have a card, you will not need to request a new card.

Library cards may be requested directly by emailing us.  Please enter “Request for library card” on the subject line of your email. Please email the following information to ensure you will receive your library card promptly:

  •  Your name 
  • Student I.D. Number (must be included)
  • The mailing address to send your library card (only needed if it has been changed since you registered)

We will then email your library card number along with instructions for using the databases.  You will also receive your actual library card in the mail.

Phone requests for library cards will NOT be accepted.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the following library staff.


Library Staff

Cumberland Campus Bedford Campus Somerset Campus
Robin McKenzie Colleen Prezlock (Mon. – Wed.) Andrea Sleek (Mon. – Wed.)
Phone: (301)784-5269 Phone: (814) 652 – 9528 or Ext. 6200 Phone:  (814) 445 – 9848 or Ext. 6118
  Andrea Sleek (Thu. – Fri.)  
  Phone: (814) 652 – 9528 or Ext. 6200  


Thank you for your interest in utilizing your library services. Our goal is to ensure all our students; regardless of location, will receive the same benefits and opportunities as our traditional students.  We hope we can play a vital role in your successful experience at Allegany College of Maryland.


The Library Staff