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ACM HelpDesk Services

The Faculty/Staff HelpDesk has recently been upgraded.  Please review the following information, as our process for providing technical assistance has changed:

  • Faculty and Staff members are now required to submit a HelpDesk ticket for all support requests.
  • All support requests are now prioritized using a classification system.
  • Faculty and Staff members can now instantly check on the status of support requests via the online ticket system.

Tutorial for Submitting a ticket on HelpDesk
Tutorial for Submitting
a ticket on HelpDesk:


How Do I...

Contact HelpDesk via the Web

Contact HelpDesk via the Web

Submit a Helpdesk ticket online
Contact HelpDesk by Phone Contact HelpDesk by Phone

Call extension 5444 from any campus phone
Call 301-784-5444 from cell phones and off-campus

Contact HelpDesk via Email Contact HelpDesk via Email

Send an email to




HelpDesk Classification System

All new support requests are classified as New issues.  Computer Services will review your support request and will classify it based on a pre-determined scale.  Your request ranks on the scale based on severity of the issue, number of persons affected, and the type of systems affected.

The following table outlines how issues are ranked:

Priority Meaning Types of Issues that Qualify Attempted Resolution Time
1 - Critical Any issue that affects college-wide systems
or prevents college-wide business from being conducted.
Network Outages
Email Servers Offline
1-2 Hours
2 - Major Any issue that affects department-wide systems or
prevents department-wide business from being conducted.
Network Switch Offline
Department Server Offline
1-4 Hours
A - Important Any issue that prevents a user from conducting business. PC will not start
Email not working
Critical program not working
1 Day
B - High Any issue that impedes ability to conduct business. Printer not working
Occasional program errors
Phone programming change
2 Days
C - Normal Standard Classification - request that does not impede
or prevent ability to conduct business.
New PC Setup
New Program Installation
New Printer Setup
1 Week
D - Low Any issue that requires a minor configuration change. Adjust software settings
Adjust hardware settings
2 Weeks
E - Trivial Issues or requests not impacting conduct of college business Installation of non-critical software
Adjust software personalization settings
1 Month