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Sample Syllabi for Online Courses

The following syllabi are for sample use only!

Please contact the instructor to verify that this information is up-to-date before making any book or lab purchases.







03-101: Art Appreciation

Suzanne Stultz

Allied Health


04-105: Health/Interdisciplinary Team Building

Paula Fuller

04-106: Infection Control & Blood Borne Pathogens

Sharon Walker





07-204: Microbiology

Dr. M Waldmann

07-208: Anatomy & Physiology of the Human II

Timothy Turner



Business Administration


09-110: Business Professionalism and Ethics

Gloria Brooks-Broadwater

09-210: Business Law

Ron Krug

09-206: Entrepreneurship & Small Business Mgmt

Penny McIntire

09-207: Managerial Accounting

Ron Krug

09-213: Principles of Management

Patrick Brady





11-101: General Chemistry I

Dr. James D. Stickler


Computer Science + Technology


13-101: Computer Literacy

James House Jr.

13-101: Computer Literacy (PA)

Kristi Smith

13-191: Web Page Development Quality Matters Logo

Kristi Smith

13-224: Advanced Web Development

Kristi Smith

13-236: PHP Programming

James House, Jr.



Communication Arts Technology

46-207: Graphics

James House, Jr.

46-211: Digital Photography

John Bone

46-212: Interactive Multimedia Design

James House, Jr.

Criminal Justice

39-101: Introduction to Criminal Justice

39-102: Administration of Criminal Justice

39-103: Criminal Law

39-104: Criminal Evidence & Procedure

39-106: Introduction to Corrections

39-111: Criminology

39-203: Ethics & Leadership in Criminal Justice



29-101: Freshman English I

Matt Marafino




33-102: Cultural Geography

Dr. Miha Wood



35-101: Western Civilization Part I

Stephen Gibson

35-103: United States History I

Stephen Gibson





41-90: Beginning Algebra

Dr. Stacey Boggs

41-93: Intermediate Algebra

Brent Smith

41-102: College Algebra

Dr. Mark Shore

41-105: Elements of Mathematics

Dr. Stacey Boggs

41-221: Elements of Statistics

Dr. Mark Shore





45-151: Nutrition In Health Care

Sharon Walker

45-204: Nursing in Society

Fran Leibfreid



Occupational Therapy Assistant

20-101: Introduction to Occupational Therapy

Rae Ann Smith

Office Technologies


61-101: Beginning Keyboarding

Peggy Hughes

61-102: Document Processing

Peggy Hughes

61-110: Medical Terminology

Fran Leibfreid

61-118: Introduction to Medical Coding

Cynthia Zumbrun

61-119: Information Management

Thea Hosselrode

61-120: Legal Terminology

Thea Hosselrode

61-130: Office Procedures and Communications

Thea Hosselrode

61-132: Elements of Human Disease

Javan Scheller

61-200: Administrative Medical Software

Lisa Rocks

61-213: Principles of Medical Insurance

Cynthia Zumbrun





45-220: Applied Pharmacology

Javan Scheller





51-106: Introductory Astronomy

Dr. James D. Stickler





57-101: General Psychology

Kurt Hoffman

57-203: Human Growth and Development

Dr. Anne Michaels

57-205: Introduction to Abnormal Psychology

Dr. Anne Michaels

57-207: Child Psychology

Dr. Anne Michaels

57-286: Drugs & Human Behavior

Cindy Hay

57-288: Treatment Issues & Theory in Addictions

Cindy Hay

57-289: Ethics for the Addiction Counselor

Cindy Hay




59-97: Critical Reading

Cynthia Crable


63-101: Introduction to Sociology

Kurt Hoffman

63-211: Introduction to Gerontology

Cherie Snyder



65-101: Speech Communication I Quality Matters Logo

Dr. Georgia R. Kreiger


Student Development


69-103: Habits for Success

Bobbi Dubins

69-106: Connections for College & Career Success

Bobbi Dubins