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Opportunities for High School Students

Whether you're a high school student enrolled in one or more of our courses or a student who's decided to waive your high school senior year to enroll in early college, we look forward to making your experience at our college a positive one. At Allegany College of Maryland, you'll receive a 50% tuition discount as an early college student, no matter your home state or county.
Early College Students
If you're a high school student (age 16 or older,) you may enroll at our college on a full-time or part-time basis, under the following conditions:

  • A part-time student must have (1) the written approval of the high school principal or guidance counselor, if the college class of choice is a daytime class, and (2) completed all normal college admission requirements, including the College Placement Assessment or proper SAT/ACT scores.

  • A full-time student must have met the above conditions, and have completed all high school graduation requirements, except fourth-year English.

Please click here to apply for admission as an early college student.