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The Somerset County Campus Foundation

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Somerset County Campus Foundation

Letter of Intention

As an expression of my interest and support for the Somerset County Campus Foundation, it is my intent to make a pledge of $_____________. I recognize that the Somerset County Campus Foundation must raise funds to ensure that post secondary education opportunities stay geographically, academically, and financially accessible to all interested students.

I understand that my gift may be made payable over multiple years or given as a one-time contribution. My gift will be given according to the schedule below:

Schedule of Gifts
____________________ _______________________________
____________________ _______________________________
____________________ _______________________________
____________________ _______________________________
____________________ _______________________________

Please send me reminders ___annually ___semi-annually ___quarterly.

Please make checks payable to Somerset County Campus Foundation.

Please allocate my gift as follows: (check only one)
___ Utilize my contribution for the Building Educational Opportunities for Somerset County's Future Campaign.
___ Establish a new scholarship in my name with specific criteria
___ Add my contribution to the following scholarship fund _____________________
___ Utilize my contribution to support the Somerset County Campus Foundation Board Scholarship Program
___ Discretion given to the Foundation to use gift where need is greatest

May the Somerset County Campus Foundation recognize your gift in publications, etc?
___ Yes ___ No

If no, then may we publicly recognize your name but not the gift amount? ___ Yes
___ No

Signature ________________________________ Date ________________

Print and mail to:
Somerset County Campus Foundation
Allegany College of Maryland
6022 Glades Pike, Suite 100
Somerset, PA 15501-4300
(814) 445-9848, extension 6136
(814) 445-8132– Fax