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Give Our Students a Future…Today!

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Bedford County Regional Education Foundation

Letter of Intention:

I recognize that the Bedford County Regional Education Foundation (BCREF) must continue to raise funds to meet students' financial needs and to increase the capacity of the campus. As an expression of my interest and support for the BCREF, it is my intent to make a pledge in the amount of $______________ to the Foundation.

I plan to make my contribution as follows:

_____ one-time gift

_____ annual payment of $___________ for ______ number of years

_____ other (please describe): __________________________________________



Please make checks payable to Bedford County Regional Education Foundation.

Please allocate my gift as follows: (check only one)

____ Place my contribution in the general endowment scholarship fund

____ Utilize my contribution for scholarships awarded during the current academic year

____ Establish a new scholarship in my name and with specific criteria

____ Add my contribution to the following scholarship fund_____________________

____ Discretion given to the Foundation to use gift where need is greatest

May the Bedford County Regional Education Foundation recognize your gift in publications, etc.?

_____ Yes _____No (please check one)

If no, then may we publicly recognize your name but not the gift amount?

_____ Yes _____No

Signature____________________________________________ Date______________

Print and mail to:

Bedford County Regional Education Foundation
18 N. River Lane
Everett, PA 15537
(814) 652-9528, extension 6223
(814) 652-9775– Fax