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Trojan Spotlight - Carla Appel

At A Glance...

       NAME: Carla Appel        CAMPUS: Cumberland
       MAJOR: Pharmacy Technician        HOME TOWN: Oldtown, MD
                            HIGH SCHOOL: Fort Hill HS

Q. Why did you choose your major?
A. I work at a pharmacy dispensary and at work, I was encouraged to take this certification. I am hoping to slide into a position where I am interning, but I do like my job.

Q. What made you choose ACM?
A. It is close, affordable, and I graduated from here before, with an Associate's degree in General Studies.

Q. How has your experience been at ACM?
A. My experience at ACM has been very rewarding. The small class sizes have been good for me.

Q. Why would you recommend ACM to future students?
A. The cost, and I feel safe here. I am never afraid while walking to my car in the evening after class. We also get emails letting us know when there are events on campus, and I like that.

Q. What advice would you give future college students?
A. Perfect attendance is important. If you miss one 3-hour evening class, it is like missing three classes. Prioritizing - don't wait to study for a test the night before, start studying five nights before.