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Email Registration

  • You may sign up for up to 2 cell phones and/or 2 e-mail addresses to receive any messages that are sent.
  • You will remain in the system until August 10, 2018. After that date you will be notified to reenter your information.
  • The college provides this service free of charge. Your cell service provider’s standard text messaging rates will apply.
  • NOTE: The registration process is not complete until you enter the validation code that you will receive on your cell phone after filling out this form. If you do not receive and use the validation code you are not registered.

Choose a username like: jsmith for Joe Smith

Password is used for access to update your information or to remove yourself.

Sign up for as many Groups as you would like. Messages will be sent regarding an emergency by group selection.


Once you create your username and password, you may additionally subscribe up to 2 email addresses and 1 additional cell phone. These additional subscriptions receive a copy of any messages that are sent, and can be used for parents, your spouse, etc. To subscribe additional email addresses or cell numbers, login using your existing username and password and complete the easy registration forms.