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Driving Directions

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From the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. region:
Take I-70 west to Hancock, take left-hand exit to I-68 to Cumberland, proceed west approximately 35 miles to the Willowbrook Road exit (EXIT 44). Turn left onto Willowbrook Road and proceed one mile to campus, on left.

From the Western Pennsylvania Region:
Take I-79 south to Morgantown and proceed east on I-68 to Exit 44, Willowbrook Road, turn right and proceed one mile to campus.

Another route:
Take the Pennsylvania Turnpike east to the Bedford exit and take U.S. 220 south and follow I-68 West, turn right at Exit 44, Willowbrook Road. Turn left, proceed one mile to campus, on left.

Yet another route:
Take U.S. 219 south to I-68, then east. Exit at the Willowbrook Road interchange. Bear right at Willowbrook Road and proceed one mile to campus on the left.

From Cumberland To Everett, Pennsylvania (approx 45 min - 60 min)
Exit the Campus, turning right, and proceed north on Willowbrook Road. Take I-68 east toward Hagerstown. Exit I-68 at Rt 220 north (Bedford Exit). Follow Rt 220 north to the Everett interchange (DO NOT FOLLOW RT 220 BUSINESS). Exit Rt 220 at Rt 30 east - Everett. Follow Rt 30 east to Everett. Exit Rt 30 east at the Everett Business interchange. Continue straight through the town of Everett. At the east end of town you will notice on the left a 7UP sign for a laundromat. Make a left at this sign onto North River Lane (beside the 7UP sign is sign for Allegany College of Maryland Bedford County Campus) At the top of the hill Everett Area High School is on your left and the new Allegany College of Maryland facility is directly ahead.