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Trojan Spotlight Jamie Andres

At A Glance...

  NAME: Jamie Andres   CAMPUS: Cumberland
  POSITION: Administrative Assistant,

   OTA and PTA Programs  


What do you enjoy most about your position?
A. Friendly, welcoming and supportive atmosphere with the community of students and staff.
Q. What is your vision for the future of ACM?
A. Continued community educational resource while updating with future trends in education and workforce needs to give our studentsa quality and affordable education.
Q. Who mentored you in your career at ACM?
A. A community of colleagues...Too many great folks have guided my path to single out one or two.  I hav been blessed with working with a great group of folks in my two positions held with ACM.  In 1989, I began working in Continuing Education under Gary Durr, Donna Walbert, John Loff, Jame Paulson, in addition to coordinators and helpful peers.  Dr. Alexander was so supportive of the support staff and encouraged us to grow professionally and personally.  Ten years later, I was asked by Beth Patton and Pam O'Baker to consider applying for my current position with the OTA and PTA programs.  It was a tough decision because I did enjoy working in CE.  However, I decided to make the change.  Beth and Pam gave me full confidence in running the officce for both programs and I have truly enjoyed assisting the students, faculty and staff.  The staff in our office has completely changed through the years but continues to be friendly and welcoming.  There are also many support staff and faculty friends that I network with and enjoy their friendship and viewpoints.  
Q. What adivce would you give to a prospective student interested in enrolling at ACM?
A.  ACM is a great college to attend.  The cost, available scholarships, helpful and caring staff, as well as small class settings for a more personalized education.  
Q. Did you take classes at ACM?  If so, how did it prepare you for your career?


Yes.  I am a 1980 graduate of the former "Secretarial Science" program under Margaret Zembower.  Keyound Gill and Mr. Catherman were great instructors as well.  Here is where I age myself; this was before computers were in the office.  I had already begun my typing and shorthand education in high school so I continued with those skills and classes expanding and improving my proficiency.  Development of confidence was an achievement for a formally shy girl.  In 1989, I enrolled in a Word Processing class as computers were not part of our training in 1980.  Additionally, I also completed numerous course offerings through CE for professional enrichment and plan to continue for personal interests as well.  

I believe in lifelong learning.  I love to read.  It builds vocabulary, strengthens grammar and punctuation skills, and it's fun!  It's a movie of your imagination.  

Additional Comments:

I am thankful for employment with a great community of folks and a friendly and supportive environment all of these years.