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Trojan Spotlight Kelly and Larry Myers


"We created a scholarship for non-traditional college attendees through the Bedford County Regional Education Foundation (BCREF).  We know first-hand how difficult it is to try to return to college after beginning an adult life.  Our scholarship seeks to offer a bit of assistance, motivation and encouragement to those that have a desire to improve their lives through advanced education.  We truly believe that a good education, if implemented correctly, will open doors to new opportunities and help enhance the lives of individuals, their families and their communities. 

There are many ways to help individuals within our local circles.  We chose to honor students attending Allegany College of Maryland (ACM) by funding a scholarship through the BCREF.  The Foundation offered us flexibility to develop awarding criteria that we considered to be important.  We worked with the Foundation Administrators to develop a method for us to give back to our community and help those that truly have a financial or personal hardship.  A quality education will continue to pay dividends, and ACM has proven to deliver that to our local communities for more than twenty years.  

If you are looking for a quality post-secondary education, we highly recommend looking to ACM.  If you wish to help your local community, consider working with the Foundation to develop a plan that will support the Bedford County campus and it's students."

~Kelly and Larry Myers
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