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Trojan Spotlight - Janessa Dunkle

At A Glance...

  NAME: Janessa Dunkle   HIGH SCHOOL: Everett Area HS
  MAJOR: Medical Assistant, Medical Billing & Coding

HOME TOWN: Everett, PA



Why did you choose your major?
A. I originally wanted to go into another program, but found there was too much math and science for me.  I spoke to Lisa Rocks and Cindy Zumbrun and after learning more about the Medical Assistant program, I knew it was for me.  
Q. What made you choose ACM?
A.  I chose ACM because it is local and allows me to take classes at my own pace. 
Q. How has your experience been at ACM?
A. Really good!
Q. Why would you recommend ACM to future students?
A.  There are lots of programs to choose from.  If you are uncertain what to go to college for, there is a variety of introductory classes to get you started.  
Q. Now that you've been through the college process, what advice would you give your past self?


I would go to college right out of high school.  My high school grades were not that great, so I took some time off.  This time I have spent more time gaining knowledge of the process and I have paid more attention to what I need to have in place to start college.  I now have a 4.0 GPA.