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My nursing education at ACM has opened more doors of opportunity than I ever imagined. What a challenging and rewarding experience this has been!
Nancy Albright

Coming to ACM Nursing Program was a great decision. They have a very well-developed, competitive program that includes an interactive classroom setting, well-equipped clinical labs for practice and evaluations, hospital experiences that coincide with classroom learning, and an experienced, caring group of professors and staff that are there to help the students succeed. I am proud to say I graduated from the ACM Nursing Program.
Kris Cornell

The road we traveled together seems long, and although we have accomplished much, it has been only a brief trip in our lives. Our real journey begins today and will last a lifetime.
Diane Reith

Although the nursing program was a challenge for me, I feel well prepared to enter the work force. Allegany's nursing program has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience all around.
Sasha Rosentrater

The teachers at ACM are real! They have the true heart of a nurse. They have inspired me to never give up, to hold on to my dream, and to believe in myself. I will forever cherish this experience, for I have learned much more than I could have imagined.
Stephanie J. Turano

I had a great experience, while in the nursing program. Also was enrolled in classes towards my BS degree in nursing. I found the nursing class to be an excellent course and very challenging as well, all of the instructors I found to be excellent. A lot of time is required for studying and clinicals, which is very much needed in this demanding field. I would recommend AC Nursing program to anyone. The learning I received at ACM paid off, all the long hours, it's a challenging but rewarding field. Good Luck.
Tom Coyle - Frederick Memorial Hospital

Nursing class was a wonderful and challenging experience. The instructors were great, always available for assistance in and out of class. A great deal of time is spent studying and in clinicals which is well worth the benefit and the rewards of becoming an RN. I made many new friends in nursing school and we spent many long hours together during study groups. The education I received at AC prepared me for a challenging and rewarding profession that I love. Best of luck.
Brenda Ross RN -  Emergency Department at Western Maryland Health System

The nursing graduates who complete the professional nursing program at Allegany College of Maryland are of the highest caliber. As a former graduate, I am exceedingly proud of the program AC of M continues to offer its nursing students. As an employer, I am most appreciative of the preparation these graduates receive that translates to a firm foundation for them as they begin their nursing careers. Finally, as a consumer of health care, I feel very fortunate to have these nurses in my hospital. Their theoretical knowledge and critical thinking skills are unsurpassed, but more importantly, they each have the heart of a nurse.
Nancy Adams MBA, RN - Senior VP/ Chief Nurse Executive at Western Maryland Health System

I am grateful for the education I received at Allegany Community College. It provided me with a wonderful foundation that allowed me to build a fulfilling lifelong career serving the needs of people. I have successfully practiced in many nursing roles including Pediatrics, Medical Surgical, Intensive Care, Home Care, and Education and Project Management. I am currently the System Director of Performance Improvement at the Western Maryland Health System.
Rena Litten - System Director, Performance Improvement at Western Maryland Health System

Allegany College of Maryland provided me an excellent foundation upon which I built my nursing career. I was well prepared to care for patients in any setting and the nursing instructors truly cared about their students. Allegany College of Maryland is a great stepping stone for those who desire to advance their education.
Cindy Bridges RN, BC, MS, MBA - Director Medical Staff Services at Western Maryland Health System

I absolutely loved my experience at Allegany College's Nursing Program. You receive an excellent education with instructors who know you personally and professionally. It has been almost ten years since graduation, and those relationships are still there. Being a nurse can take you anywhere in the world, or across town. Allegany College prepares their graduates for their future in nursing.
Chuck Barrick, RN - Trauma Nurse Coordinator, Western Maryland Health System

Being a nontraditional student Allegany College made it very easy for me to go back to college to obtain my degree. They are always willing to assist and guide you in making the right decisions.
Angela S. Weimer, RN - Nurse Manager, Inpatient Behavioral Health Program at Western Maryland Health System

Not many days go by that I'm not glad I chose ACM for my education. I work with nurses who have graduated from other programs, and I'm happy to say that I feel my education was significantly more thorough. Of course, I am constantly learning from other nurses and the doctors I work with, but I am always being complemented on the depth of my knowledge. If I had the time, I would call Rick Cooper and Debbie Costello monthly to thank them for pushing me. My career in Nursing is the most rewarding thing I've ever done. When a patient or colleague complements me for something I have done, I feel like I've won the lottery.
Susan Shore, RN - Charge Nurse, Fresenius Medical Care at Meadow Clinic in Hagerstown, Maryland

Through the accelerated nursing program at ACM I quickly learned the skills necessary to obtain an RN license and effectively practice nursing in the state of Maryland. The instructors took the time to ensure I had the skills and qualities needed to provide the best level of care for my patients. Financial Aid worked with me to make sure I could pay for this quality education, and my instructors even helped me to decide which nursing job was the best fit for me. Thank you!
Peggy Waide, RN - Memorial Hospital and Potomac Valley Hospital