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A student who withdraws or fails a clinical nursing course is not guaranteed readmission.  Please refer to section H of the Nursing Policy Book – Enrollment in Nursing Courses.  A student may withdraw due to poor academic performance, illness, or personal reasons.  Students who withdraw are not guaranteed readmission.  If a student is readmitted, it may be delayed due to the availability of clinical facilities and instructors.  When a student withdraws from either program, an exit interview may be held with the student, his/her advisor, and the appropriate instructor(s).  A prescription may be written listing those steps necessary to correct the problem(s).  After the student has completed activities listed in the prescription, the student's status will be reviewed by the appropriate instructor(s) and the Director of Nursing.  A student who wishes to be readmitted to either program must complete an Application for Readmission Form or pick up a physical copy from the Director of Nursing.  After completing the appropriate steps, the student's status will be reviewed according to the guidelines outlined in Section F of the Nursing Policy Book.