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Women's Awareness & Defense Training


Women's Awareness & Defense Training (C/S460)  
This women's only course is designed to make women more aware, prepared, and ready for any situation that may occur in one's everyday life on any given day. Women of all ages, including youth, are eligible to enroll. Discover techniques and practices to keep you from harm in a variety of scenarios. The course will discuss mental preparation, situation awareness, physical security, personal security, defensive tactics and personal response in a mass shooting Incident. This is a classroom only presentation with no physical contact training. This class has been developed by Rick Sivic, owner of Boston Hill Training, a training company developed to assist Maryland residents comply with the Firearms Safety Act of 2013. Mr. Sivic is a retired Maryland State Trooper with 25 years' service to the State of Maryland as well as veteran of the United States military.


2/7, Thursday (1 session)
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


5/9, Thursday (1 session)
6:00 PM-9:00 PM

ACM: CE Building
Instructor: Rick Sivic

Course Cost: $45.00

Maryland Senior Course Cost:  $40.00