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A total of 10% of the class will be admitted from this category.

  1. This category includes the following applicants:
    • High school graduates within the last ten years who never attended college; and
    • Early placement students who are enrolled as a part-time Allegany College of Maryland student while still attending high school.
  2. These persons must meet the following requirements to apply and be considered for admission:
    • One year of high school chemistry; biology and two years of algebra (or their equivalent) with a minimum grade of C in each course;
    • Pass the Allegany College of Maryland placement evaluation or successfully complete all required courses before the first college semester; and
    • A minimum ACT score of 21 in each section will meet the minimum requirements to apply for admission as a high school student, but meeting the minimum score will not guarantee admission into the program. The average composite score of an accepted student is 25. (ACT exams must be taken no later than the January test date)
  3. Those eligible applicants will then be ranked and top candidates selected using the following factors in order of priority:
    • Composite score on the ACT test;
    • Math and science ACT section; and
    • Algebra, biology and chemistry high school grades.
  4. If the applicant does not meet the requirements listed in this first category, they may become eligible to apply by meeting the requirements in the second category – College Student Applicants.

  5. Students must be CPR certified in the Health Care Provider/Course C and maintain this certification throughout all nursing courses. This certification must be completed prior to entering Nursing clinical courses.

Please use the checklist on the following page as a guide for the application process.


Download the Admission Checklist

Submit the Nursing Admission Application