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What is a pre-clinic MLT student?

Selective admission health programs, such as the MLT program, have "clinical phases" of coursework that must be completed to earn a degree or certificate.  The courses in the "clinical phases" are open only to those students who have completed the selective admission process and are admitted to the "clinical phase."

In some cases, where class sizes permit, eligible students are admitted directly to the "clinical phase" upon completion of requirements to the College.  Many of students interested in allied health programs spend one or more semesters or terms taking preparatory courses to become eligible for admission  to the "clinical phase" of the program of their choice.

Pre-clinical phase of the program is for students who wish to be part-time students or for those not completely eligible. Pre-phase students work on completing prerequisite general education courses prior to acceptance into the MLT program.  These students are acknowledged as working on degree requirements, but are not officially in the MLT program. Students can take preparatory  courses on a part-time or full-time basis.

Qualified pre-medical laboratory technology students are accepted into the "clinical phase" of the program as space is available.


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