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An innovative pathway training program that prepares you for entry level employment in the regional IT field

      STARTS SEPTEMBER 2018                                 For More Information Contact:

Autumn Becker, Director

Tech ImageIn this new, innovative approach to flexible and accessible learning developed by the Western MD IT Center of Excellence, you will complete six training modules to give you the skills required for the entry level IT workforce. Or, you can choose to take your learning to the next level and articulate your coursework into as many as 13 college credits, putting you one step closer to a one-year Certificate or Associate’s degree in Computer Science at Allegany College of Maryland. Learn from highly qualified instructors who are experts in their field at a fraction of the cost of most traditional credit programs.

This program is funded in part by the State of Maryland’s EARN Maryland Grant Program, administered by the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation.


Course Schedule:


Program ModuleArticulates to Format & Dates Instructor
EXCELerate Orientation - IN PERSON
September 11, 2018 6-8pm
Autumn Becker, Western MD IT Center of Excellence Director & EXCELerate instructors
Computer Fundamentals COMP101 Computer Literacy (3 credits) ONLINE
September 17- December 10, 2018
Dick Soderman, Certified Ethical Hacker
CompTIA A+ Preparation COMP180 PC Architecture (3 credits) IN PERSON
September 17- December 5, 2018 Monday & Wednesday, 6-8pm (No class 11/19 & 11/21)
Frank Lloyd, CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist

Workplace & College Ready Essentials Series - IN PERSON
January 9- May 15, 2019 Every other Wednesday, 6-8pm
Marissa Miller, IBM Public Sector Recruiting Partner
Cybersecurity Basics COMP107 Intro to Cybersecurity (3 credits) ONLINE
February 11- May 8, 2019
Dick Soderman, Certified Ethical Hacker
Cisco Networking 1 COMP225 Intro to Networking (3 credits) IN PERSON
February 12- May 2, 2019 Tuesday & Thursday, 6-8pm (No class 3/12 & 3/14)


Enroll today for incredible savings!


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Entire program costs only
$1,400 with $800 Opportunity
Scholarship offered to
Allegany County Residents

(3 or more years residency)

CourseTraditional cost
Registration & first time testing fee $ 60.00
COMP101 Computer Literacy, 3 credits $ 420.00
COMP101 Computer Literacy, textbook $ 172.00
COMP180 PC Architecture, 3 credits $ 420.00
COMP180 PC Architecture, online labs $ 129.00
CompTIA A+ exam vouchers $ 422.00
COMP107 Intro to Cybersecurity, 3 credits $ 420.00
COMP107 Intro to Cybersecurity, textbook $ 80.00
COMP225 Intro to Networking, 3 credits $ 420.00
COMP225 Intro to Networking, online labs $ 167.00
Workplace & College Ready Essentials course $ 199.00
TOTAL COST of a traditional credit program $ 2,909.00

EXCELerate Cost $ 1,400.00
Savings of $ 1,509.00

Opportunity Scholarship to Allegany Residents $ 800.00
Cost of program for Allegany Co. Residents $ 600.00

TOTAL SAVINGS $ 2,309.00








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EXCELerate Orientation:

This session will orient you to the EXCELerate Pathway Program and the exciting opportunities that are in store for you. Meet your instructors, learn more about the courses in the program, and get to know your fellow classmates. You will learn how to set up your online learning account, receive your first semester textbooks and materials, as well as learn more about the articulation opportunities available to you as you successfully complete each course. We look forward to welcoming you as an ACM student into this innovative new program!

Computer Fundamentals:

This course will be delivered entirely online, giving you the opportunity to complete your coursework whenever and wherever you choose! Develop and/or improve your skills in the Microsoft Office 2016 applications essential to success in college and throughout your career. You will study Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access. Most students are, to varying degrees, already proficient in the first 3 applications. But few students have used Access (a Database tool). Even students proficient in these tools will learn features they had not been aware of before the course. In addition to these four Microsoft Office 2016 applications, you will enhance your knowledge of computers, networks, the Internet, and the World Wide Web.


CompTIA A+ Preparation:     

In this course, you will learn the skills necessary to be a computer technician, preparing you for CompTIA’s A+ Certification; an industry recognized credential sought after by employers nationwide. You will master a wide range of technical skills including: Identifying connector types and associated cables; differentiating among various CPU types and features and select appropriate cooling method; and differentiating between motherboard components, their purposes, and properties. You will compare and contrast the features and requirements of various Microsoft Operating Systems as well as compare and contrast RAM types and features. Learn how to install and configure storage devices and use appropriate media and expansion cards as well as identify appropriate safety procedures and explain environmental impacts and the purpose of environmental controls. This course is delivered in a face to face format, but you will also work in online labs to enrich your learning. Students who successfully complete this course will receive the two exam vouchers to sit for CompTIA’s A+ exam.

Workplace & College Ready Essentials:

This unique series will offer you the essential skills regional employers demand as well as offer you tips and strategies to make your first semester in college a successful one. To prepare you for the workplace, you will take a retrospective approach to exploring the essential skill "abilities" employers demand. Further improve your success in your job search with one-on-one resume writing support throughout the series as well. You will have a chance to sit down with employers at the end of the series for a mock interview. You will also get a sneak peek into life as a successful ACM student with a campus tour and all the advising and financial aid information you need straight from the source: ACM’s advising and financial aid staff! Additionally, meet and greet ACM’s Computer Science Faculty and learn about how easy and cost effective it will be to articulate your learning in the EXCELerate program into a computer science degree in a variety of fields from ACM.

Cybersecurity Basics:

This course will be delivered entirely online, giving you the opportunity to complete your coursework whenever and wherever you choose! With increasingly universal access to the internet comes increasing need for individuals to be more knowledgeable about their personal and professional digital security. Given the breadth of its impact, some are advocating for cybersecurity to be the next great public safety measure. Cybersecurity as a fundamental part of computer literacy in the same way that seat belt and anti-smoking laws have become the norm in our society. This course provides a broad overview of computer security, ethical issues, and information assurance. You will gain an understanding of digital information security, threats related to the Internet, malware, cryptography, intrusion detection, operating systems, networking, cloud computing, and other topics.

Cisco Networking 1:

In this course, you will expand your understanding of computer based networking systems. You will explore the fundamental concepts and terminology of Local, Metropolitan, and Wide Area Networks. Learn about the OSI Model, TCP/IP Protocols, LAN/WAN topologies, hardware, and network security. Explore how to configure, verify, and troubleshoot basic router operation and routing on Cisco devices. This course will begin to prepare students for the CISCO CCENT exam. This course is delivered in a face to face format, but you will also work in online labs to enrich your learning.




Autumn Becker, Director

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