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Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight - Tom Keyser

At A Glance...

  NAME: Tom Keyser
  POSITION: Attorney
  YEAR: 1967

Private practice w/ son,
Shane Keyser

  MAJOR: Social Sciences          



Q. Why did you choose your major?
A.   I enjoyed history and government classes at LaSalle High School. 
Q. What advice would you give to students interested in your career path?
A. I thought about being an attorney when I was 13 years old and a freshman in high school.    It is important to enjoy and like what you do for a living. 
Q. What was your overall experience at ACM?
A. Very positive.  I "flunked" out of Frostburg State after one semester in 1964.  After working on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad where my dad, grandfather, and two uncles worked, for six months, I was grateful that ACC was there and accepted me.  I was allowed to continue my education and play baseball.  That allowed me to be drafted by the Baltimore Orioles  in 1967, which ultimately lead to a baseball scholarship to Southern Illinois University, where I graduated in 1970. 
Q. Who was your favorite ACM Faculty/Staff member?  Why?
A. Stan Dougan.  He taught history and government classes with a passion.  He and I connected immediately.  Professor Dougan was very encouraging and supportive to me, and the student body in general, during my two years at Allegany Community College.   
Q. What is your greatest achievement in your career?
A. Getting sober in 1990.  I became addicted to alcohol and drugs in the '80's. 
Additional Comments
A. I was born in Cumberland on January 2, 1947.  My father, Eugene, worked on the railroad.  Mom, Shirley, worked part-time and was a full-time mom to my sister, Susan, and me.  They worked hard so we could further our education.  Dad did not graduate from high school, he dropped out to join the military during WW2.  Allegany Community College, now Allegany College of Maryland, allowed me the opportunity to get an education and pursue my dreams.  That humble campus on Frederick Street opened a world beyond my wildest dreams and expectations for both my sister and I.  We will be forever grateful that the community of Cumberland and our civic leaders back in the 1960's had the vision for this school.  Cumberland has been dealt some bad cards over the last century, but ACM remains one of the bright stars coming out of Western Maryland.