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Allegany College of Maryland's Medical Laboratory Technology Curriculum was started in 1973. The program is primarily a two-year career program. Traditionally, the program has trained graduates to work in patient care laboratories. The program now has a number of options to diversify the employment opportunities available to its graduates. The new options give graduates opportunities outside of clinical laboratories in settings such as biotechnology laboratories in which to gain employment. The program includes both part-time and full-time students.


The Medical Laboratory Technology Program at Allegany College of Maryland is responsive to the changing workforce needs of the clinical laboratory profession and is dedicated to meeting those needs and supplying laboratory professionals throughout our region.

Our focus is to provide our graduates a solid foundation of laboratory technical competence and knowledge.  We strive to instill in students the importance of lifelong learning and continual professional growth.  Basic to the learning environment is a holistic and compassionate care for self and others.



The MLT program has established five program goals. The competency statements listed below are used in assessing the progress of students throughout the program and serve as a measure of how well the program is meeting its goals.

Goal #1:
To provide students with high quality academic and clinical education in the field of clinical laboratory science.


1A. Students will demonstrate basic knowledge necessary to obtain passing scores on the ASCP national certification examination.

1B. Student will have the technical competence to gain relevant professional employment within one year of graduation from the program.  

Goal #2:
To provide students with the technical skills needed to perform laboratory test procedures accurately and efficiently.


2A. Students will identify, collect and process specimens.

2B. Students will apply test principles in the performance of diagnostic lab analysis.

2C. Students will competently perform analytical test procedures.

2D. Students will evaluate quality control results before reporting test results.

2E. Students will follow established laboratory safety policies.

2F. Students will correlate test results with clinical disease states.

Goal #3:
To provide students with the critical thinking skills needed to solve problems.


3A. Students will organize and prioritize tasks appropriately.

3B. Students will correlate the pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical variables as to their influence on the quality of laboratory results.

3C. Students will initiate measures to correct technical problems.

3D. Students will maintain quality technical performance under stress.

Goal #4:
To provide students with the communication and technology skills needed to function effectively in a laboratory environment.


4A. Students will convey written and verbal information to others in an appropriate manner.

4B. Students will follow written and verbal instructions accurately.

4C. Students will use computer technology to operate equipment and manage information in the laboratory. 

4D. Students will demonstrate communication skills in managing and resolving conflict in the workplace.

Goal #5:
To mentor students about understanding their professional role in the clinical laboratory as well as being a member of the health care team


5A. Students will demonstrate a sense of responsibility to the patient and the clinical rotation site. 

5B. Students will treat fellow students, instructors and members of the healthcare team with respect.

 5C. Students will display professionalism in appearance and conduct.

5D. Students will develop a positive and adaptive attitude about changes that occur in the daily workload and in the healthcare profession.

5E. Students will describe the importance of continuing education in lifelong learning and in the certification maintenance process.

Allegany College of Maryland's Medical Laboratory Technology program is accredited by:
National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science (NAACLS)
5600 N. River Road, Suite 720, Rosemont, IL 60018-5119.