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Program Admission-
The Respiratory Care Program has a selective admissions process. A pre-respiratory phase allows students to take the necessary courses to enter into the "clinical component of the program. The following courses (*) need to be completed prior to admission into the "clinical phase of the program.

Successful completion of the program qualifies the student to apply for an Associates Degree in Applied Science

Sequence of Courses:

First Semester (16 Credit Hours)
Arrow Bullet *
Chemistry 100 or 101
Arrow Bullet * Mathematics 102 (College Algebra)
Arrow Bullet * Human Biology 116
Arrow Bullet    English 101
Arrow Bullet * Introduction to Respiratory Care (RT 101)

Second Semester (18 Credit Hours)
Arrow Bullet Computer Technology 101
Arrow Bullet
Pharmacology- RT 102
Arrow Bullet Cardiopulmonary Anatomy- RT 206
Arrow Bullet Clinical Practice I- RT 190

Arrow Bullet
Respiratory Pathogens- RT 104

Summer Semester (6 Credit Hours)
Arrow Bullet Clinical Practice II- RT 210

Third Semester (18 Credit Hours)
Arrow Bullet Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics- RT 213
Arrow Bullet Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology- RT 212
Arrow Bullet Clinical Practice III- RT 225
Arrow Bullet General Psychology- 101
Arrow Bullet Research Methods- RT 231

Fourth Semester (14 Credit Hours)
Arrow Bullet Pediatrics & Neonatology- RT 240
Arrow Bullet Clinical Practice IV- RT 250
Arrow Bullet Community Health & Ed- RT 207
Arrow Bullet Humanities Elective
Arrow Bullet Advanced Respiratory Concepts- RT 232

Total Credit Hours 67