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Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight-Renea Noto

At A Glance

NAME: Renea Noto                                          POSITION: Massage Therapist

YEAR: 2017                                                      EMPLOYER: Rejuvenating Massage Therapy by Renea

MAJOR: Massage Therapy     

Q. Why did you choose your major?

A. I chose my major because I wanted to have more peace in my life and help others embrace the
      benefits that
massage can provide. 

Q. What advice would you give to students interested in your career path?

A. Students, massage therapy is a form of art that can calm the mind and heal the body.  Helping
      others daily with
their body pain is really rewarding. 

Q. What was your overall experience at ACM?

A. My overall experience with ACM was inspiring; the staff wants to see you grow to be the best
      you can be. 

Q. Who was your favorite ACM Faculty/Staff member?  Why?

A. I would have to say that June Bracken was my favorite; she is wonderful and was there when I
      needed her the

Q. What is your greatest achievement in your career?

A. My greatest achievement was to start my own practice out of my home.  ACM gave me the
      confidence that I
needed to make my dreams come true. 


Renea Noto at work photograph