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Brandon Canaza - Dental Hygiene
Erin Amoruso - Respiratory Therapist
Samantha Vega - Biology
Keleigh Hunter - Occupational Therapy Assistant


" After some thorough research I came across ACM and their renowned dental hygiene program. I have a couple of friends who graduated from the program here at ACM and the general consensus was that they left ready and prepared to practice dental hygiene. I am so grateful for all that this college has offered me, especially in the field of dental hygiene. I know I wouldn't be where I am now if it weren't for this institution. "


~Brandon Canaza

Dental Hygiene




"ACM is a smart decision because it is a small campus that will make the college transition very easy. It is very affordable and there are so many scholarships available for everyone."


~Erin Amoruso

Respiratory Therapist 




"Work hard and get to know the staff at ACM. It's a big step and I was scared out of my mind to go to college, but I'm glad I did take the step. Just go for it, there's a great support staff here at ACM!"


~Samantha Vega

Human Service Associate




" I choose ACM because I knew it would be good fit for me.  I wanted a two year degree in an allied health area and so many people spoke highly of the OTA program.  ACM has smaller class sizes than most colleges which allows for more student and teacher interaction. The teachers and advisors at ACM are will very willing to help you succeed and prepare for your future! ACM is an affordable option and in today's society that's as important as the degree you earn."


~Keleigh Hunter

Occupational Therapy Assistant