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Broc Bowers - Forestry Felicia Beeman - Automotive Technology Carson Imes - Accounting Melissa Shank - Elementary Education


"ACM is a great school for putting you on your path, even if you don't know it before you get here. The teachers are dedicated and make sure you have a drive to be the best."


~Broc Bowers






"A great place to figure out your future and take advantage of the multitude of opportunities they offer. The teachers at ACM are dedicated, and make sure you succeed. There are many scholarship opportunities for students, take advantage of as many as you can! I will be graduating from ACM going to work for my dad in his Auto garage and body shop."


~Felicia Beeman

Automotive Technology





"I chose ACM because it was local, the tuition was affordable and I was told that they had a great Accounting program.  ACM is a high quality, yet very affordable college to attend.  It is a great place to start and earn an Associate's degree. I plan to continue my education to earn a Bachelor's degree after I graduate."


~Carson Imes







"The small campus is very easy to navigate and has a homey feel to it. I've learned so much about myself and grown so much as a person since I started at ACM and I've earned a 4.0 GPA while doing it!  I am so pleased I made the choice to come to ACM, I know my future is brighter for it. Your future is in your hands, ACM is the perfect place to start your journey!"


~ Melissa Shank

Elementary Education