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Former ACM Criminal Justice Graduates Speak:


Tim Stapleton
Morgan County, WV
Sherrif's Office

"I really enjoyed the criminal justice program at Allegany College of Maryland."


Shawn Williams
Greenville, SC
County Detention Officer
"The high level of criminal justice education and the job preparation information given to me at Allegany College were most helpful to me in obtaining employment."


Mark P. Pfaff
Frostburg, MD
Police Department

"I would recommend Allegany College's Criminal Justice Program for any person interested in a career in law enforcement."


John Goldsworthy
Allegany County, MD
Sheriff's Office

"My personal and educational experiences at Allegany College were very rewarding. The criminal justice intern program really convinced me that law enforcement was the right career for me."


Chris Buckalew
Allegany County, MD
Deputy Sheriff, /Instructor, DARE Program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)

"My internship experience as a cadet at the sheriff's department gave me a solid instruction to the field while I was still a full-time student at Allegany College. That placement in the field, coupled with the excellent classroom instruction, led me to a very rewarding career."


Brian E. Fazenbaker
Buffalo, NY
Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

"Allegany College provided me with a solid foundation to build my career. The level of instruction I received at Allegany College was nothing short of superb!"


Michael Gourley
Pennsylvania Dept. of Corrections

Corrections Officer

"I feel Allegany College gave me the skills needed to be fair and professional corrections officer."


Barbara J. Smith
Victims Advocate, Divison of Parole and Probation

"Building on my associate degree from Allegany College. I transferred to the University of Baltimore to further my education in the criminal justice field. My studies at AC proved to be highly beneficial in that they prepared me for upper-level coursework."


Jason Dale Crowe
Cumberland, MD

City Police Department

"Allegany College of Maryland played a huge part for me not only to achieve my goals, but to excel in my career field."