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Allegany College of Maryland Official Logo

The ACM Brand

Our brand, our promise 

Our brand is more than our logo. It’s our reputation. Our brand is the way we look, behave, and speak. It expresses the essence of this institution. It explains what we are all about.

When we live up to our brand—our promise—we give everyone we engage with a clear message of who we are and what we stand for.

A unified campus community with a consistent brand strengthens the college. A clear message and consistent visual identity reflect our diverse, but unified, organization. Each of us has a responsibility to ensure that the ACM brand and imagery are used appropriately.


The ACM Brand Guidelines are the foundation you need to begin to make decisions. They reflect the thought process that went into creating the brand and provide guidelines for expressing the brand in alignment with the entire college.  

Remember, guidelines cannot cover every possible combination of situations or elements. So in the case that a specific document or communication is not explicitly outlined in this style guide, contact Public Relations for further guidance.

The Brand Guidelines address Our Brand, Logos and Marks, Color Scheme, Typography, Co-Branding and Best Practices.


Brand Guidelines [PDF]

This is a 26-page digital version of the Brand Guidelines.

ACM Brand Guidelines Cover

Click to download the ACM Brand Guidelines PDF.


The Allegany College of Maryland logo is the graphic symbol which embodies the brand promise. The green side of the logo represents the growth of the students and the life they bring to the campuses. The blue side of the logo represents the faculty and staff of the college. The two colors (students and faculty/staff) join together with the gray color (the community) and provide the solid foundation for the college (and logo). At the base of the logo students, faculty and staff, and community come together to form an arrow directing the college, the community, and the students upward and forward to a positive future.




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