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Pharmacy Technician - Program Goals & Learning Outcomes


Program Goals

  1. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to practice safely and professionally in the pharmacy area.
  2. Graduates will apply proper customer service procedures related to professional communication, appearance, and knowledge of allowed duties when working under a licensed pharmacist in a variety of settings.
  3. Graduates will demonstrate correct methods of dispensing medications from the start by correctly reading prescriptions, entering information into specialized software, preparing labels, counting medication, and dispensing the medication.
  4. Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of the requirements for state registration and national certification, along with the required continuing education for continued registration.
  5. The graduate will be prepared to take and pass the exam for Maryland Board of Pharmacy certification.


Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to:

  1. Identify the role of the pharmacy technician in retail, hospital, and institutional settings.
  2. Demonstrate safe medication preparation.
  3. Perform mathematical calculations for dosage determinations and solution preparations.
  4. Discuss pharmacy technician duties as allowed in the state of Maryland, and how those duties may vary in other states, along with discussing required responsibilities of life-long learning required for maintaining certification.
  5. Properly measure, mix, count, label, record, and dispense medications.
  6. Use technology effectively to create medication labels and client records.
  7. Function safely, competently, and professionally in a clinical situation.