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Nursing Assistant/Geriatric Aide - Program Goals & Learning Outcomes

Program Goals

  1. The graduate will be knowledgeable of the role of the Nursing Assistant/Geriatric Aide in delivering proper basic bedside care of the patient/client across the lifespan.
  2. The graduate will have the skills necessary to provide proper bedside care.
  3. Students will use critical thinking and problem solving skills for safe delivery of patient/client care.
  4. The graduate will be prepared to take and pass the certification test for the Maryland Board of Nursing certified nursing assistant.
  5. The graduate will assume responsibility for continuing learning and professional growth after graduation.


Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to:

  1. Identify general information pertaining to the role of the nursing assistant/geriatric aide in providing bedside care. (Multiple choice tests, direct questioning, discussion, 1 minute papers)
  2. Communicate professionally, clearly, and therapeutically with patients and co-workers. (Discussion, role play, geriatric interview)
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of caring for the patient in a healthcare environment. (Observation, direct/Socratic questioning, multiple choice tests)
  4. Function in a health care environment utilizing professional standards of conduct and safe standard precautions. (Check lists, observation/anecdotal notes, direct questioning, scenarios with simulation and written questions)
  5. Provide an environment that promotes safety and well-being for clients, caregivers, and others during the delivery of basic patient care across the life span. (Observation, role play, scenarios with simulation, group discussion, direct/Socratic questioning)
  6. Discuss common health problems associated with each body system. (Group discussion, written disease paper)
  7. Demonstrate safe decision making in the delivery of quality, cost-effective care to a diverse patient population. (Observation, role play, scenarios with simulation, group discussion, direct/Socratic questioning, concept mapping)
  8. Solve problems using safe, creative, analytical thinking. (Scenarios with multiple choice and multiple response questions, concept mapping)
  9. Describe the requirements necessary to maintain certification as a nursing assistant/geriatric aide in the state of Maryland. (Written test, direct questioning)