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Medical Laboratory Technology - Program Goals & Learning Outcomes

Program Goals

  1. Students will competently perform routine clinical laboratory tests.
    1.   Program Level Student Learning Outcomes
      • MLT students will perform laboratory test procedures accurately and efficiently.
      • MLT students will analyze diverse types of information to choose an appropriate course of action in order to perform laboratory tests and solve problems accurately and efficiently.
  2. Students will possess the professional attitudes and behaviors critical to being a valued member of the healthcare/workplace team.
    1. Program Level Student Learning Outcomes
      • MLT students will communicate effectively using professional interpersonal skills resulting in successful interactions with colleagues and patients.
      • MLT students will behave in a manner consistent with the standards of the laboratory profession.
      • MLT students will describe the importance of continuing education in lifelong learning and in obtaining and maintaining professional credentialing.
  3. The ACM MLT program student will meet the needs of the laboratory community by completing program academic and internship requirements to graduate from the MLT program, achieve industry certification and obtain relevant field employment.
    1. Program Level Student Learning Outcomes
      • Students will successfully complete the program. 
      • Graduating clinical MLT students will pass the ASCP national certification examination.
      • Graduating MLT students will gain relevant professional employment within one year of graduation from the program.
      • MLT graduates and their employers will be satisfied with the training the student received in the ACM MLT program