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Massage Therapy - Program Goals & Learning Outcomes


Program Goal

  1. Graduates will pass the national and state licensing exam and become employed as a licensed/certified massage therapist.
    1. Program Level Student Learning Outcome
      • Assess clients by employing a working knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and pathology in order to create client-centered session plan.
  2. Graduates will maintain professionalism and ethics.
    1. Program Level Student Learning Outcomes
      • Maintain an appropriate scope of practice through compliance with state regulations and pursue continuing education for the purpose of life-long learning.
      • Integrate into their practice an understanding of the basic business, ethical, legal, and social issues related to massage therapy.
      • Interact with clients in an effective manner that fosters mutual respect.
  3. Graduates will be demonstrate self-care and promote the profession
    1. Student Level Student Learning Outcomes
      • Make use of the self-awareness tools regarding personal health and well-being to establish and maintain a viable practice.
      • Promote wellness and healthful living through client education and community involvement from a holistic perspective.
      • Discuss with clients how massage therapy utilizes the holistic perspective of physical, mental, emotion, and spiritual effects including its benefits and limitations.