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Human Services - Program Goals & Learning Outcomes

Program Goal

  1. Successfully work as an entry level, associate degree professional in the helping fields.
  2. Be proficient in the communication, interpersonal, ethical, and technical competencies (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) needed to work professionally as healers and agents of change within a diverse and global world.
  3. Utilize self- effectively on the job and to participate in life-long learning activities. awareness, self-care (wellness), and career decision-making skills to work
  4. Demonstrate leadership and active citizenship skills to advance social justice and to build healthy communities.


Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Successfully complete 3 field placements with over 460 hours of supervised clinical experience and meet all competencies required for graduation on the Professionalism Assessment Scale
  2. Written and Oral Communication Skills:  read, write, speak, and listen effectively
  3. Professionalism/Work Ethic: act ethically, interpersonally, and professionally so as to reflect respect for self, clients, colleagues, the profession, the worksite, and the community.
  4. Core Helping Skills:  apply the core helping skills of listening, assessment, counseling and interviewing, group work, advocacy, leadership, team work, case management, and community work to client, agency, and class room projects and problems.
  5. Self-Awareness: utilize  behaviors and attitudes that demonstrate self-knowledge of one's values, strengths, growing edges, and cultural biases in the professional use of self and in the development of an effective career development and lifelong learning  plan
  6. Workforce Wellness: demonstrate and utilize mind/body skills for self-care and renewal and communicate healthy coping techniques for clients and co-workers.
  7. Social Action & Civic Engagement: utilize leadership skills to collaboratively address and resolve political, social, and community problems and promote social justice and a sense of community across differences.