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Hospitality Management - Program Goals & Learning Outcomes


Program Goals

  1. Provide a common body of knowledge in hospitality management coupled with a broad education and awareness of skills and attitudes which will prepare students for responsible leadership roles in the hospitality industry.
  2. Develop employability skills required of hotel-restaurant management, golf management, and culinary professionals through the use of a competency-based program.
  3. Provide students with relevant hands-on operational experience in some facet of the hospitality industry.


    1. Program Level Student Learning Outcomes-Hotel Restaurant Management

      • Utilize interpersonal skills to lead/manage first-level employees in a hospitality setting.
      • Perform cost calculations and apply them to decision-making situations.
      • Evaluate food safety and sanitation to maintain a safe and sanitary work environment. Create an attractive and well-designed menu with consideration given to effective costing and pricing principles.
      • Complete and evaluate the data generated from a hotel night audit.
      • Develop a professional marketing brochure for a lodging operation.
      • Forecast sales and expenses in a variety of hospitality businesses.
      • Create a resume and cover letter that effectively highlight skills sought by potential employers.
      • Achieve national certification as a ServSafe Food Protection Manager.
      • Schedule employees with consideration given to budgets, sales forecasts, and customary labor practices.

    1.   Program Level Student Learning Outcomes-Culinary Arts
      • Practice and demonstrate industry-standard knowledge and skills regarding sanitation, personal hygiene, and safety procedures.
      • Practice and demonstrate skills and knowledge required of professional culinarians and apply them to commercial kitchen operations.
      • Demonstrate the ability to work in a professional kitchen as a prep, line, and pantry cook.
      • Demonstrate the ability to work in a professional bakery.
      • Display classic and contemporary cooking and baking techniques that represent a variety of global cuisines.
      • Anticipate and manage labor and food costs in order to operate an economically stable environment.
      • Demonstrate purchasing responsibilities by writing food specifications, applying best purchasing practices, interpreting market trends, using new technology applications, and analyzing operational cost controls.
      • Utilize interpersonal skills to lead/manage first-level employees in a culinary setting.
      • Practice the team concept in planning, purchasing, preparing, and serving food items in a variety of professional food service environments.
      • Develop an extensive business portfolio that displays the student's resume, cover let, skill set, work philosophy, and career goals.

    1.   Program Level Student Learning Outcomes-Professional Golf Management
      • Evaluate golf facilities' competencies on strengthening and retaining the core player, engaging the lapsed player, and attracting new players to the game.
      • Create and execute a Customer Relationship Management plan to strength and retain the core player
      • Create, execute and evaluate player development programs that focus on retaining and strengthen core players, engage lapsed players, and/or attract new players to the game.
      • Develop long term business goals, yearly objectives to meet the business goals, and strategies that map the actions needed to each year to meet the objectives
      • Analyze and development and promote merchandising plans for pro shop
      • Analyze the role of tournament business at a golf facility
      • Plan and execute golf tournaments and outings that exceed customer and member expectations.
      • Structure an effective and personalized golf lesson by identifying the deficiencies of the golf swing, providing feedback to the player, and prescribing drills to improve
      • Compile a personalized methodology for teaching the golf swing
      • Execute a personalized golf club and golf ball fitting.