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Advising Center Early Warning Student Referrals

What is an "Early Warning Referral"?

An Early Warning Referral is an opportunity to provide struggling students with services before finding themselves "too" far behind to "catch up". This referral would encourage students to be proactive about their education. It gives them a chance to sit down with an advisor and come up with strategies that will improve their academic standing in a particular class or program. The Advising Center is a support system for the entire campus community.

When can an Early Warning Referral be used?

Anytime during the semester! If you (the instructor) notice a student struggling in the classroom with attendance or content, if a student is having trouble adjustin to college in general, or if you (the instructor) feel the student could benefit from some extra attention or encouragement throughout the semester please complete this form. Early intervention may save a student from a possible failure academically or socially.

What is the goal of Early Warning Referrals?

Our goal is to catch students before thay fall. We understand instructors do their best to ensure each sudent is receiving as much guidance as possible; we also understand that as an instructor you are extremely busy. We want to introduce students to the many services we have available here at ACM. The Advising Center will help students develop an academic recovery plan.

What will the Advising Team do during each meeting?

  1. Discuss a plan to resolve or work through the problem
  2. Refer to appropriate services...(if necessary)
  3. Discuss the student's life goals, academic goals, and personal goals
  4. Clarify college/classroom expectations
  5. Examine the cours syllabus with the student to better understand instructor expectations
  6. Create an improvement plan that addresses the current concern
  7. Forge a relationship with each student
  8. Encourage participation in workshops/study groups/advisor appointments
  9. Introduce any additional suggestions from the referring instructor

Early Warning Student Referral


Please check all that apply:

Student Directions:

Your instructor has referred you to the Advising Center. To make an appointment please call 301-784-5654 or stop by the Advising Center which is located in the College Center across from the Admissions and Registration Office.

*Please bring your Early Warning Referral and course syllabus to your appointment

I understand by signing this form I am agreeing to meet with a representative in the Advising Center.