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Clinical Rotation Selection and Scheduling

Annual rotation schedules are distributed to students and clinical affiliate sites. The ACM MLT program guarantees a clinical placement to every student because the maximum number of placements currently exceeds the maximum number of students we accept. We never accept more than we can place into clinical rotation.  However, a maximum number of students that be accepted at a particular site is just that, maximal and not always optimal.The annual rotation schedule document outlines which students will be placed at respective clinical sites during the fall and spring clinical semesters. Travel outside of the student's immediate geographic area may be required to guarantee placement.



Current Clinical Sites:

  • Trivergent Health Alliance: Western Maryland Regional Medical Center
  • Trivergent Health Alliance: Meritus Medical Center (Robinwood)
  • UPMC - Bedford Memorial
  • Somerset Hospital
  • Grant Memorial Hospital
  • Garrett County Memorial Hospital

Many factors are considered when developing the clinical rotation schedule for a student.  They include, but are not limited to:

  • The student's residence and proximity to the clinical affiliate site.
  • The student's strengths and weaknesses.
  • The student's transportation and/or child care arrangements.
  • The site's availability, strengths and limitations.
  • Sites selected are required to have a legal affiliation agreement with ACM.


If the student requests for a specific location exceed the slots available, the rotation slots at the desired site will divided and distributed between requesting students.  Every effort will be made to minimize travel to other sites.

A student having to repeat a clinical rotation(s) or take a clinical placement out of sequence will be subject to availability of clinical placement sites..  These students will be placed in clinical sites which have space available.