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Federal Pell Grant Program

Pell Grants for summer terms are typically paid as a trailer award, meaning eligibility remains from the previous award year.  Students who were full time (12 credits or more) during the previous fall and spring semesters usually do not have any Pell Grant monies left to cover summer school.  However, under special circumstances, such as a summer or fall graduation, the Student Financial Aid Office may approve students to use Pell Grant from the upcoming award year, called a header award, to cover the summer term.  Students must contact the office for an appointment to determine if Pell Grant funds can be used from the upcoming award year.  Students must be registered for at least one credit hour and be otherwise eligible in order to be awarded a summer Pell Grant.


 Federal Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Direct Student Loans

Direct Student Loans for the summer semester are awarded and paid as a header to the upcoming academic year.  Students will receive an Award Notification and Federal Direct Loan Acceptance Form after their financial aid file has been awarded and verified.  The Federal Direct Loan Acceptance Form must be returned to the Student Financial Aid Office with the option selected to include summer in the loan period before the loan will be originated and disbursed.   In addition to the Loan Acceptance Form, student enrollment in at least 6 credit hours is also required before origination.  Borrowers should be aware that approved loan amounts will be equally split between all semesters of attendance.  First-time ACM borrowers will also need to complete Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note online at


Federal Work Study

Students wishing to work over the summer must complete the Summer Work-Study Application available at:  Work-study positions pay $8.50 per hour and students generally work 20 to 25 hours per week.  Positions in the America Reads program receive a higher hourly wage.  Students do not need to be registered for summer classes in order to take advantage of a work-study position, but must have a complete and verified financial aid file before April 15.   Once a summer work-study award is made, students must access their WebAdvisor account to accept the award.   Any awards not accepted within 14 days will be cancelled.