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Health/ Physical Education - Area of Concentration (AOC)

“A sound mind in a sound body.”

Plato's observation made in The Republic some 2,400 years ago still holds true today. Our physical health matters.

If helping people improve their physical well-being is your passion, Allegany College of Maryland's Health/Physical Education program is perfect for you.


Training outdoorsYou can't help but be inundated with dire warnings about the declining health of the American population. With the rise in childhood obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, many of these problems are health and lifestyle-related. But the main culprit is generally the same: a lack of physical activity in our younger population.

Our Health/Physical Education program provides you with the means to teach young people the value of having an active lifestyle as well as the tools for a lifetime of physical activity.

Our program prepares you for transfer. As you earn your Associate of Arts degree in Health/Physical Education, you'll learn the fundamentals you need to pursue your teaching degree at a four-year institution.

Course Info

As a Health/Physical Education program student, you'll expand your knowledge and gain career training through a variety of courses, including:

  • Introduction to Physical Education
  • Intramurals and Sports Officiating
  • Outdoor Education
  • Integrated Health and Physical Education
  • Personal Wellness
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Foundations of Training I and II
  • Fundamentals of Health and Physical Education

A full listing of program courses and their descriptions can be found in the credit catalog.

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Career Info

Health/Physical Education program graduates enjoy enriching and rewarding careers as:

  • Coaches
  • Elementary teachers
  • Health teachers
  • Healthcare Advocate
  • Personal trainers
  • Secondary teachers
  • Wellness Coach

*Some careers may require a bachelor's degree, further education or additional training.

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Career Coach - Helping Students Set Career Goals

Faculty/Staff Info
Michael Baker, Associate Professor

Gymnasium, Wellness Center

B.S., M.Ed., Frostburg State University

Steven Bazarnic, Professor

Gymnasium 166

B.S., M.S., Pennsylvania State University

Tommie Reams, Instructor

Gymnasium 160

B.S., Frostburg State University
M.A., Ball State University

April Higson,  Administrative Assistant of Athletics, Physical Education, and Health

Gymnasium 166

A.A., Allegany College of Maryland
B.S., Geneva College