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Leadership Development

Have you wondered if you have what it takes to be a successful leader? If you've ever worked for a difficult boss, you've probably found yourself thinking you could do better. But becoming a business or community leader requires compassion, critical thinking skills, and an understanding of positive management techniques. Getting a corner office or new title doesn't mean you're equipped to lead or inspire others. If you're interested in becoming a successful, hands-on leader in your workplace and community, Allegany College of Maryland's Leadership Development letter of recognition program can give you the skills, training, and insight you need to achieve your goals.


Woman Giving PresentationJoin us for a journey of self-exploration that improves your leadership skills in an intense, yet fun-filled atmosphere. Whether you're a college student, a business owner, high school student, or even a member of a college's faculty and staff community, our Leadership Development program can transform your thinking about what it takes to be an effective leader.

Our program holds to the old saying that ”learning does not have to be difficult in order to be worthwhile.” As you earn your Letter of Recognition (LOR) in Leadership Development, you'll learn how to treat others and yourself with respect while gaining an understanding of what made the leaders of our past the role models of today.

We follow the Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Development Studies: A Humanities Approach to leadership preparation. Led by certified Phi Theta Kappa leadership program instructors, our training is offered for academic credit and tailored to your particular needs as a current or future leader. The approach uses case studies, experiential learning exercises, carefully selected reading assignments, and videos to enhance the study of leadership and encourage class discussion.

Course Info

As a Leadership Development program student, you'll expand your knowledge through two leadership courses, and one speech course.  The leadership courses are:

  • Interdisciplinary Leadership I
  • Speech 101
  • Interdisciplinary Leadership II

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Career Info

Leadership Development program graduates apply their newly gained skills to:

  • Acquire a job
  • Perform well at their job
  • Network
  • Motivate employees and self

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Faculty/Staff Info
William R. Rocks, Professor

Allied Health 105

B.S., California State College

M.Ed. Frostburg State University

Ed.D. West Virginia University