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Why should I study Business at ACM?

  • Business is Everywhere!!
    • Nearly every organization, whether or not it is a "business," must be run like a business, using business principles to be successful in today's world. An education in business can lead to a career in almost any field or type of organization.  Business graduates work in a multitude of jobs in large corporations, small businesses, hospitals, banks, colleges, government agencies and non-profit organizations.  If you’d like to run your own business, a business education can help you make your business successful.
  • Business is Hot!!
    • The American Association of Community Colleges has identified business as a “hot” program.  This is defined as programs for which there is a large market demand for graduating seniors.  Three of the hottest areas of business are accounting, management and marketing: 

      Accounting - As the accounting profession moves to a five-year degree requirement for Certified Public Accountants, there will be a greater demand for two-year degree graduates. There are numerous jobs in the accounting field for paraprofessionals, full-charge bookkeepers, accounting clerks, financial analysts, and other types of financial professionals.  Among popular entry-level accounting positions, the national salary range for accounting clerks is $31,843-$40,002.  For accounts payable clerks it’s $34,319-$42,484.  For experienced accounts payable managers, who often begin as clerks, the salary range is $69,029-$92,515.  

      Management – Entry-level managers are always in demand, in a variety of situations and locations. Our management program provides the basic skills needed to succeed in management or to improve the performance of those currently in supervisory or management positions.  Among popular entry-level management positions, the national salary range for assistant branch managers is $38,127-$46,697.  For assistant retail store managers it’s $35,765-$49,000.  For experienced district retail sales managers, who often start as assistants, the salary range is $77,637-$125,172.

      Marketing - The economy  offers jobs in sales, marketing, advertising and public relations. These jobs are available in many industries and locations. The skills learned in a business program will prepare you for these types of jobs.  Among popular entry-level marketing positions, the national salary range for marketing assistants is $33,936-$44,478.  For sales representatives it’s $49,101-$65,832.  For experienced sales directors, who often start as sales representatives, the salary range is $130,575-$179,882.

  • Business is Smart!!
    • In addition to acquiring knowledge from a business program, you will gain communication, teamwork, interpersonal, analytical, computer, leadership and problem-solving skills.  These skills will be important to your career and to your life outside of work.
    • Success, Success, Success!!
      • Our business graduates go on to successful careers with companies such as Abbott Laboratories, Legg Mason, PPG Industries, Goodyear and many other employers both nationally and locally. Many of our graduates own their own small businesses and many hold titles such as manager, director and vice president.
    • Transferability!!
      • Our business graduates who choose to continue their studies find it easy to transfer to four-year colleges.  Allegany College of Maryland's articulation agreements with four-year colleges and universities often ensures every one of their business credits transfers to their new school.
    • Smart Students!!
      •  Our students are widely recognized as outstanding scholars.  Over the past few years, dozens have been selected for Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges.  Employers and college faculty repeatedly tell us that our students are well prepared for the workplace or additional education.
    • Diversity!!
      • Our student body is diverse.  Some have come to Allegany College of Maryland directly from high school, others have returned to school after a long absence.  Some are full-time students, others are part-time.  Some are commuter students who live near campus, others are from further away and live in our residence halls.  Our students come from a variety of racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.  We recognize and appreciate the unique talents and contributions of all of our students.   
    • Great Faculty!!
      • Our award-winning faculty is very well-qualified.  Some of us have held management positions in retail, fashion, manufacturing, human resources, finance, sales, accounting, healthcare, hospitality and/or banking; some have owned and operated small businesses; some have been professional skills trainers; some perform tax consultation and preparation; one has directed Head Start; one directs ACM Workforce Development; and one engages in the practice of law.  Our professional certifications include CPA, CHR, SHRM-CP, and we hold memberships in the bar association, the American Marketing Association, and the American Management Association.  Faculty degrees include MBAs, Master's in Economics, Master's in Industrial Relations, Master's in Organizational Leadership, Ph.D. in Economics, and Juris Doctor.

        Our full-time faculty:
        Professor Emeritus and Visiting Professor Pat Brady, MBA, CPA
        Professor Robin Imgrund, MS
        Associate Professor Ron Krug, MBA, MS, CPA
    • Dedication to Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring Students!!
      • Our faculty is dedicated to student learning and success.  We put teaching first.  Our classes are small (almost all have fewer than 30 students, many have fewer than 15), so we get to know our students and work with them closely.  We keep in touch after they graduate, too. 
    • Choices, Choices, Choices!!
      • There are many ways that you can take business courses at Allegany College of Maryland.  We offer courses in classroom settings, state-of-the-art distance learning facilities, and online.  You can take day or evening classes.
    • Money, Money, Money!!
      • There are many scholarships and various forms of financial aid available to qualified students to help with expenses at Allegany College of Maryland.