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Clinical Preceptors Clinical Preceptors make an IMPACT !!!



WELCOME to the Clinical Preceptor Site!!

We are glad that you have chosen to be a clinical preceptor for our student.  Your willingness to serve as a preceptor and mentor to a future nurse is commendable. Because your time is so valuable, we decided to create this site for your convenience instead of overwhelming you with papers. If at any time you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact the faculty or program coordinator listed below.




Debbie Costello headshot Deborah A Costello - Professor and Program Director at



  Sharon Walker - Online Program Coordinator/Nursing Faculty for Transitions, Nursing in Society and Leadership/Med-Surg.  Contact at either: 301-784-5563 301-784-5563  or



  cindy neff   Cindy Neff - Nursing Faculty for Women's Health at 301-784-5561 301-784-5606  or



Theresa Woy - Nursing Faculty for Pediatrics at  301-784-5000 EXT. 6115  or 



  Aimee Younkin - Nursing Faculty for Advanced Med/Surg at



Diane Chase headshot Diane Chase - Assistant Professor at



Sandy Clark headshot Sandy Clark - Professor at



Rick Cooper headshot Rick Cooper - Assistant Director and Professor of Nursing at



Sherry Obert headshot Sherry Obert - Professor at



Colletta Miller headshot Colletta Miller - Part Time Secretary at





          Please read our:   WELCOME LETTER   



Getting Started:

1st -Complete the Introductory Orientation materials listed below.

2nd-  Submit the  Preceptor Orientation Acknowledgment Form  as an attachment and email to:  or Fax it to 301-784-5639.   We are required to document your "Orientation to Preceptorship" and respectfully ask that you submit the above form. Thank you.  

3rd - Review the clinical course objectives and forms you will need as preceptor.  Objectives and Evaluation forms are located on the Clinical Course Materials and Objectives webpage - click on the Link Below. 

4th - Review supplemental modules/materials as needed.

5th -Submit student evaluation forms - located under Evaluation Tools on the Clinical Course Materials and Objectives webpage - click on the link below.

Last - Complete the Preceptor Survey listed below after completion of working with the student.


     Introductory Materials for All Preceptors:





Film Camera2. Our Organizing Framework - Watch the video for a better understanding of how our program works:   





    3. Agency, Faculty, and Student Responsibilities may be found in the Handbook. Click on this link for Preceptor Responsibilities. 



        4. Please complete this SURVEY after the clinical experience is over with the student.
 Your feedback is important to help us improve our program and provide a better experience for our students and for our preceptors.

 Preceptor Survey-  Evaluation of Program



         5. Webinars for Continuing Education Credits -  Follow the link below to register and enter the pass code below to gain access to FREE webinars for education contact hours.  Our small way of saying "THANK YOU"  The email you provided on your CV was provided to the company.  If you are unable to login, please email the LPN-RN Online Program Coordinator at: with a NEW EMAIL address for submission so you may access the webinars.

                                            NURSE TIM WEBINARS          Passcode: alland03811083  


6.   If you need to update your curriculum vitae click on this link Preceptor CV Form  



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