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2012 Bandwidth and Phone Services

Allegany College of Maryland, located in Cumberland, Maryland, is seeking providers to supplement or replace existing Internet Bandwidth and Phone Services. Allegany College of Maryland invites Vendors and Resellers, hereafter referred to as "Vendors" or "bidders" to submit Bid Proposals that provide comprehensive Internet Bandwidth and Phone Service solutions that:

1.) Meet or exceed existing usage demands
2.) Offer scalable growth to meet future usage demands
3.) Offer PSTN access using SIP/VOIP protocols
4.) Offer PSTN access using PRI/BRI protocols
5.) Have the capacity to support T1 and POTS circuits

Sealed responses with the words “Internet Bandwidth and Phone Service RFP” on the front of the envelope must be received by 4:00 pm on Friday, April 27, 2010 in the office of:

Mrs. Sherry Buffenmyer
Fiscal Control Officer
Allegany College of Maryland
12401 Willowbrook Road
Cumberland, MD 21502

Allegany College of Maryland reserves the right to reject any or all responses and request other responses. Pursuit of contract is contingent upon availability of funding only if Allegany College of Maryland deems solutions as proposed serve the best interests of the College.

Access to Information

Questions can be directed to Timothy Pelesky, Associate Dean of Information Technology at (301) 784-5312.


Request for Bids
[PDF] ACM 2012 Bandwidth and Phone Services RFP 3/27/2012