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ACM Pre-presidential debate presentation

Professor Jenna Gallion offers insight to fallacies of logic commonly heard in advertising and political campaigns. Using commercials and past political ads and debates, she offers 6 specifically that are so common we might not pick up on them. Learn to identify a few of these logical fallacies before watching the debate. After the debate, debate watchers share their view points of what they heard in the debate.

Watch the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump here.

ACM Pre/Post vice presidential debate

Professor Kenton Stone offers a historical look at the changing and important role of Vice President. Professor Cherie Snyder previews questions for post-debate discussion offering suggestions to think about: Which candidate addresses the issues that are important to you? What do their presentation styles say about their leadership potential? Did they speak in specific detail, or in generalities? Did they rely on character attacks, or did they attack positions?
Watch the post-debate discussion with student input. Professor Diane McMahon reminds us of fact-checking sites to use during the debate.

Watch the 2016 vice presidential debate here.

ACM Pre/Post Presidential Debate 2

Allegany College of Maryland's Director of Library Services Tiia Kunnapas reviews the fact-checking organizations like and Politifact. She also offers a few simple strategies to consider when considering the source of information, and separating fact from opinion. Audience members share what brings them to share the experience publicly.

Professor Brandon Hoover facilitates audience responses to the second presidential debate asking probing questions to encourage participants to fully articulate their thoughts and frame their view points.

Watch the second 2016 presidential debate here.

ACM Pre/Post Presidential Debate 3


Watch the final 2016 presidential debate here.