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Bobbie Cameron, Executive Assistant to the President

President Cynthia BambaraWelcome to Allegany College of Maryland , a two-year public college that offers you a world-class education in a caring environment. Many doors will open to you while you are here and lead to professional opportunities after graduation or further studies at a four-year institution. Whether you are seeking an affordable route to a bachelor’s degree, credentials for the workplace or personal enrichment, ACM has something to offer you.

The ACM website will enable you to learn more about the extensive programs and services we offer. Below are just a few highlights:

ACM offers 80 associate degrees, certificates and letters of recognition that provide our graduates with credentials that allow them entry or further advancement in the workplace. The College’s career and technical programs provide cutting-edge training for the tri-state area. Our graduates can continue toward a bachelor’s degree at four-year colleges and universities, saving them thousands of dollars. Agreements with numerous institutions make for a seamless transition.

ACM hosts an extensive program of professional development and personal enrichment through our wide variety of continuing education courses and training. Offerings in health care and human services, professional development, workforce development and community services present everyone an opportunity for life-long learning.

ACM provides ample support services to help students reach their goals:

Interactive distance learning classrooms link our campuses and a growing number of online courses and programs allow students to take classes from any location at their convenience.  

With flexible course delivery and six convenient locations, we are committed to providing the tri-state region with an affordable, quality higher education. 

Engage Your Future - explore our website or contact us with your questions.

All of us at ACM look forward to serving you.


Cynthia Bambara