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Women's Volleyball Information

Coach: Cherie DeVore Tel: 719-332-4869 Athletic Director: Steve Bazarnic
Asst. Coach:

President: Dr. Cynthia Bambara


Who can play?

  • Freshmen who are full time students (12 credits)
  • Sophomores who have a 2.0 with 24 credits & are full time students


Do I need a physicals?

  • Players are required to have physical exam dated after June 1st
  • Forms are available from Ms April Higson, Athletic Secretary:  301-784-5265


When does practice begin?

  • August 6, 2016 

Practice schedule before school begins

Mon. - Fri. • 3:30p - 6:00p


Regular practice schedule

Through September:

Mon. Wed. Fri. • 3:30p - 6:00p

Tues. Thurs. • 7:00a - 9:00a


Mon. - Fri. • 4:30p - 6:00p