ACM Well Being - Intellectual

The intellectual dimension encourages creative, stimulating mental activities. A well person expands his or her knowledge and skills while discovering the potential for sharing one’s gifts with others. The mind should be continually exercised just as the body. To become intellectually well, it is important to explore issues related to problem solving, critical thinking, and adaptation to change. Intellectual wellness involves spending more time pursuing personal interests and reading books, magazines, and newspapers, while staying aware of current events and issues. It is the ability to open one’s mind to new concepts and experiences that can be applied to personal decisions, group interaction and community enhancement, improve skills, and seek challenges in pursuit of lifelong learning.

SHORT VERSION:    Intellectual Wellness is the process of using our minds to create greater understanding and appreciation of the universe and ourselves.  Intellectual wellness is not dependent on intelligence or ability; rather it requires making connections, appreciating natural connections, examining one’s opinions and judgments, and questioning authority.

Tips and suggestions for optimal intellectual wellness: 

1. Take a course or workshop.

2. Learn or perfect a foreign language.

3. Seek out people who challenge you intellectually.

4. Read.  

5. Attend museums, exhibits and theater.

6. Learn to appreciate art.

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