Meet the ACM Trojan Ambassadors!

Trojan Ambassadors

Have you seen one of our Trojan Ambassadors on campus, virtually, on ACM’s social media accounts, or even on an ACM billboard? They are your “go-to” students to learn all about Allegany College of Maryland and how it could be the right fit for you.

Learn More about them below!


Nichole Stone

Nichole Stone

High School & Grad Year: Preston High School (2006)

Hometown: Prince Frederick, MD

Major (Academic Program): Pre-Nursing 

Fun Fact: "I am currently, and have been for over 10 years, a commercial truck driver. I have traveled in 48 of the 50 states."

Favorite Thing About ACM: “It’s small enough to make a person feel comfortable but still has ample resources and activities."

Why did you choose ACM?: “I wanted a small-town feel and caring faculty, while also attending the best Nursing program in the area.”



Josie Shuke

Josie Shuke

High School & Grad Year: Bedford High School (2022)

Hometown: Bedford, PA

Major (Academic Program): Dental Hygiene

Fun Fact: “I love being outside, going on hikes, and exploring new places, especially if I’m doing it with friends.”

Favorite Thing About ACM: “My favorite thing about ACM is that there are smiling faces around every corner.”

Why did you choose ACM?: “I am pursuing a career as a dental hygienist and ACM has a very good reputation for producing highly qualified Dental Hygiene graduates.”


Destine Whetsone

Destinee Whetstone

High School & Grad Year: Fort Hill High School (2011)

Hometown: Cumberland, MD 

Major (Academic Program): Social Work/Sociology

Fun Fact: “I love waterfalls and have visited around 15 state parks in New York this summer."

Favorite Thing About ACM: “It’s close to home and as smaller group (class) sizes.”

Why did you choose ACM?: “I am a mom of two, so I needed something affordable and close to home. I also love the one-on-one classes and that everyone is always so helpful.”

Devin Elliott

Devin Elliott

High School & Grad Year: Tuscarora High School (2016)

Hometown: Frederick, MD

Major (Academic Program): Forest Technology

Fun Fact: “I was in the military (Navy) for six years.”

Favorite Thing About ACM: “How tightly-knit the Forestry program and entire college are with one another.”

Why did you choose ACM?: “I chose ACM because of how great their Forestry Program is.”


Sadie Strawderman

Sadie Strawderman

High School & Grad Year: Calvary Christian Academy (2022)

Hometown: Cumberland, MD

Major (Academic Program): Nursing

Fun Fact: “I love pretty much any water sport, such as floating down the river, kayaking, and also paddle boarding.”

Favorite Thing About ACM: “My favorite thing about ACM is the people. They truly make going to college an enjoyable experience.”

Why did you choose ACM?: “I chose ACM because I like the close-knit, small school community. It is also an affordable and cost-effective option. Everyone at ACM is welcoming and is willing to assist at anytime when you may need help.”

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