Online HESI Exam

HESI Admission Assessment ONLINE Exam


The Online HESI A2 exams are only available February 1 through 28 and September 1 through 30.

You must create and pay for your accounts at least 72 hours in advance of your requested testing day/time to ensure test availability and to avoid additional costs

  • Go to Evolve at: Create an account using your ACM email address. Accept the terms and conditions. Then go to the upper left hand corner of the screen for the payment option. You enter your payment information and click submit. That’s all you have to do to pay for the exam on Evolve.

  • Once you have purchased the exam on Evolve, go to and create an account there. Select the RN Admission Assessment with critical thinking (A2) - 1st Time Tester exam and schedule a date and time for the exam.



Online Testing Tips:
  • Any browser can be used. Pop up Blockers MUST BE TURNED OFF!
  • Make sure you take the time to read/view all the help info on the ProctorU website (a little time upfront saves a lot of frustrated time later).
  • Set your exam appointment for at least 15 min (30 min even better) before you want to start the exam to allow plenty of time for the set-up. If you finish the setup before the exam opens, you can use that time to mentally review the material, do some deep breathing/relaxation techniques, etc. while you wait.
  • Make sure your computer and environment are ready to go.
  • If you are waiting on a proctor, do not exit and come back in. ProctorU uses a queue system and if you log out you will go to the back of the line and have to wait even longer. Wait patiently, but if the wait seems excessive, stay connected and call them.
  • Use a wired vs wi-fi connection if possible and minimize Internet use by others in the home during the exam.
  • Complete ProctorU’s post-exam survey so there is a record of any problems.



Hesi Directions and Application (2020-2021)

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