ACM Purchases Second Anatomage Table, New Ultralow Temp Freezer

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ACM Purchases Second Anatomage Table, New Ultralow Temp Freezer

CUMBERLAND, Md. (Sept. 20, 2022) – Allegany College of Maryland installed an Anatomage Table and an ultralow temperature freezer in its Science Building. 

A Table that Wows

The Anatomage Table offers individual structures reconstructed in accurate 3D based on a variety of real human and animal cadavers. The table’s interactive approach to exploring anatomy and physiology is built to engage and is routinely used by ACM’s Allied Health students, science majors and non-majors taking science electives. Students may choose to virtually dissect a cadaver to view an entire system, focus on a particular body part, or test their knowledge using the in-table quizzes and other learning activities. The Anatomage Table was purchased using a Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Grant through the Maryland State Department of Education.

A Freezer that Saves 

Microbiological samples such as bacterial and viral cultures are best stored in subzero freezers to preserve their integrity for experiments and research projects. ACM’s new 9.9 cu ft ultralow temperature freezer reaches and maintains temperatures as low as -86 degrees Celsius and was purchased as a replacement for an outdated and unreliable freezer. The ULT’s ample storage room also allows ACM to grow and store its own bacteria for lab experiments and activities. The ultralow temp freezer or ULT was purchased by the college.

Left: Sciences Division Chair Donna Brunelli, D.O, discusses the function of cilium with career program forest technology students Tristan Sharon, Colby Whiteside, Brady Herndon, and Ethan Hilgeman.
Center: Forest technology students Tristan Sharon, Brady Herndon, and Colby Whiteside, who is also a work-study student in the Sciences Division, examine a feline cadaver using the Anatomage Table.
Right: Tristan Sharon places samples into the ultralow temperature freezer or ULT. 
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