Fall 2021 ACCESS ACM Magazine



Fall 2021 ACCESS ACM Cover


ACCESS ACM is a biannual publication for ACC/ACM alumni, supporters, and friends of the college.

Celebrating Family, Celebrating Us: In the fall 2021 edition of ACCESS ACM, we commemorate our 60th anniversary by offering a special look back to our founding with Margaret Pennington. (You can view the 1963 ACC yearbook that Margaret edited.) We profile an inspirational family of educators who are ACM alumni: the Colbert-Mackey-Jones family. We share stories of a Continuing Education director, Bill Helmick, who created countless opportunities, a new trustee, Michele Martz, who was a former ACM adjunct, and a young nurse, Ben Shertzer, honored for his incredible compassion, among others. We suggest ways for alumni to celebrate their own ACC/ACM experience and opportunities to help future Trojans achieve their academic and career goals through the ACM Foundation

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