Medical Scribe Specialist Program Now Offered at Allegany College of Maryland

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CUMBERLAND, Md. (June 26, 2019) – Allegany College of Maryland will launch a medical scribe specialist program through its Medical Administrative Assistant Department. Prospective students are invited to enroll now for the upcoming fall semester.

ACM’s medical scribe specialist certificate program is a three-semester, 39 credit hours program that prepares students to work in all manner of healthcare settings, from physicians’ offices to emergency departments.

The certificate program enables students to gain an understanding of basic medical and procedural coding, human biology and disease, pharmacology, principles of medical insurance and terminology. The program requires 80 hours of clinical training to prepare students for real-world challenges.

ACM medical assistant program graduates or current students may complete ACM’s medical scribe specialist certificate program by successfully completely three medical scribe courses.

Upon completion of coursework, medical scribe specialist students are eligible to take the certified medical scribe specialist credentialing exam through the American College of Medical Scribe Specialists.

Medical scribes work in-person and virtually with physicians and healthcare providers to accurate document patient visits and assist with basic patient care. Research suggests that when medical scribes are part of a healthcare team there is an overall increase in productivity, patient satisfaction and revenue.

ACM’s medical scribe specialist certificate program is known as a stackable credential – a sequenced system of qualifications that progress individuals along a career pathway into higher-paying jobs.

The ACM medical scribe specialist certificate program is designated as a Health Manpower Shortage Program by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC). Maryland residents from counties other than Allegany County who register in this eligible program will be charged the out-of-county tuition rate. However, these students may be eligible to receive reimbursement for a portion of the cost difference between the in-county and out-of-county tuition rates.

Call 301-784-5318 or email for additional program information.

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