In 2013 the massage therapy program began an internship that has transformed lives and brought comfort to a group of people in great need of the calming properties of touch. For 15 weeks each spring second year massage therapy students visit the Schwab Family Cancer center at the UPMC Western Maryland to provide massages to oncology patients. For many patients, this is a respite from the rigors of cancer treatment and an opportunity to escape from their diagnosis for just a few moments. The Massage sessions are a wonderful complement to the entire treatment plan. Acceptance of the body without judgment can be healing in and of itself.

The experience is incredibly enriching. We are very happy to have this partnership, as it really distinguishes our two year degree program from other massage therapy programs both in our own state of Maryland and our surrounding states of West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Virginia. This internship has allowed our students to get a practical experience unlike any class room experience, and it enhances the level of professionalism of our students.

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